About Us

Leadership theory; synthesised and applied

TheNXT offers leaders new technologies to improve the way leaders work with and think about their complex organisational challenges. We make clever ideas scalable so that leaders, teams and organisations become more effective amidst constant uncertainty and change. Our focus is on platforming and applying the ideas that make leaders become more adaptive, collaborative, innovative, and change resilient.

Our Mission

is to help the leader inside of everyone embrace (and accelerate) their own unique Future of  Work.

Our ‘above-and-below-the line’ approach to engagement through every stage of learning and development is the proprietary lens we use to build capability, agility and leadership in everyone we work with.

Our sweet spot is working with enterprises to optimise their organisational structure and business model into a self-transforming, developmental operating system.

Our Clients

How We Work

We help thought leader inside of everyone
embrace their own unique future of work.


  • Assessments
  • Coaching
  • Monitoring

We work with managers and leaders to understand their teams, their team members and themselves in order to develop a richer, more productive understanding of themselves and how they can, consistently, perform at their best - all while make work a profoundly more ‘human’ experience.


  • Learning
  • Development

We share our systems and perspectives on leadership, innovation and the future of work as packages, transferable and scalable learning solutions that can be integrated and adapted to suit the language and/or strategy in any learning and development agenda in any organisation. From masterclasses, to workshops; form online to in-person events, we love to teach the very things that get us out of bed in the morning.


  • Thought
  • Leadership
  • Publications
  • Keynotes

We work with managers and leaders to understand their teams, their team members and themselves in order to develop a richer, more productive understanding of themselves and how they can, consistently, perform at their best - all while make work a profoundly more ‘human’ experience.

Who We Are

Authors of MetaAgility™, Co-hosts of the What’s NXT Podcast

We believe the changing world of work asks each and everyone of us to lead in some capacity.
And with that comes an expectation to wrangle with unprecedented agility, complexity and speed.



With a focus on identifying opportunities and doing things differently, Dave is a forward thinker, strategist and architect of change. He has led, advised and offered strategic support on over $150M in growth projects and over $2.5B in capital investment decisions.
Dave is adept in how leaders engage with their future, their digital and their growth and has individually coached over 300 business leaders in the Mining, Engineering, Technology and StartUp sectors all over Australia.
As the ‘above the line’ lead for theNXT, Dave focuses on enterprise architecture - stretching strategy, navigating complexity and growing processes to be more value- oriented, purposeful and stable in a complex and changing world.

B. Design (Communication), RMIT, VIC

MBA (Innovation), Deakin University, VIC

Certified SAFe Agilist

Graduate, Future Directors Institute

Graduate, Future Directors Institute
Certified MetaAgilty Coach™



Pete is a highly proficient facilitator, speaker and executive coach.

He has had the privilege of coaching in some of Australia’s most prominent organisations at all levels, from the coal face to executives and CEOs; a direct reflection of this unique flexibility and transdisciplinary education.

Pete is the ‘below the line’ lead for theNXT; he focuses on organisational development, growing leaders, building high-performing cultures and navigating the complexity of mindsets and growth across individuals, teams, leaders and enterprise organisations.

Helping leaders develop self awareness and lead toward a more confident future while navigating the new world of work.

Grad Cert Human Systems and Complexity (Harvard)

Certified Master Integral Coach™

Certified Agile, Business Agility Coach & Scrum Master

Certified LECTICA Coach

Certified MetaAgilty Coach™


P&C Practice Lead,
HR Futurist & Coach

Jodie is a naturally gifted coach and senior executive advisor in HR. Leaning on decades of experience and transformational wisdom, Jodie brings a strong People and Culture (and HR) lens to our work at theNXT; including #nextgeneration governance of rem, culture, EVP and capability projects


Digital Designer and
UX Specialist

Cyril (Cy) is our multi-talented digital, user experience and user interface designer. (We’re cooking up something pretty special!) Her incredible creativity is matched only by her ability to multi-task her objectives across multiple projects and timelines, all at once! #futureleader


Producer, What’s NXT Pod

Connie was employee #1 at theNXT and if you’ve listened to the podcast, then you’ve experienced the wonderful work of Connie who not only coordinates our guests but produces the episodes and helps us continually improve on the production value of each and every episode.

More About Us

We’re always progressing, never settling for the status quo, or getting comfortable with what exists today. Our eyes are fixed on the horizon –on what’s next– and how we adapt to the impacts of change, emergence and disruption.

theNXT was founded in response to this challenge and with a nuanced understanding of the required responses, from measured governance and delivery through to reflective influence and agile mindset.