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Experts in leveraging complexity, innovation and change

Whether we’re talking about leadership, agility, change or management; the future of work is about occupying a space with a state of being that invites perspectives, complexity, transformation and delivery.

A good leader is an appropriately complex leader.

- Theo Dawson

We see the leader inside of everyone, and value leadership as a key part of both growing up, and waking up in the lives of everyone at work. The research is clear, the way in which a leader makes sense of the world around them is a direct reflection of their decision making and leadership capacity. Growing up, we learn to take coordination seriously, to seek the perspectives of others and improve our lens for strategy and governance. Waking up, we realise that the world is bigger than our own network of perspectives, our own expectations of each other and even the unknown corners of our own awareness.

The greatest predictor of role performance variance is Mental Ability.

- Benny Ausmus

Vertical Development

Vertical development uses a neo-Piagetian theory of adult development to bring the focus of a leaders developmental path to an appropriate level of complexity for the roles they serve. We also help high-potential leaders build readiness for the next step in their careers.

Our expertise in using stages of human development to build leadership capacity covers personal, team and organisation leadership, with a specific focus on developing domain experts into visionary co-creators equipped for the 21st century.

We help organisations build a measurable return on their investment in leadership development and do the real work of increasing team resilience, adaptive capacity and collaborative sense-making while we’re at it.

What lies beyond

The reason why we are having such a hard time managing and leading in VUCA is that we don't have these rituals and practices that cultivate our own individual awareness.

- Becky Andree

Enterprise Agility

Agile ways of working can make teams more collaborative, more creative and their work more sustainable over time. And yet, it can also become a deeply uncomfortable transition from traditional ways of working.

Let’s look at Agile a little differently; rather than advocate for dogmatic agile processes –sprints, kanban boards and agile principles– our experience has taught us to pursue much more contextually flexible approaches to organisational structures, transparent governance and new ways of working.

Whether you’re running a high-capacity agile program (like SAFe) or doubling down on your black belts and your Andon chords with Lean improvement, or you’re simply looking for more adaptive system leaders who can do more ‘guiding’ and less ‘telling’; chances are you’re still looking for that penny-drop moment with your team(s).

Enterprise Agility brings the objectives of Agile together with vertical development theory, clever governance and levels of work into aa world that organises itself around projects, outcomes and stakeholders.

Enable strong decision making, new ways of working, new formats for strategy accompanied by a greater sense of empowerment and autonomy among teams. Our expertise covers organisation design, operating model transformation, team coaching and learning and development for all the new ways of working necessary to achieve enterprise agility.

What lies beyond

You have to be able to follow as well as lead. You have to leave your ego at the door. The hierarchy doesn't really work anymore.

- Dr. Richard Claydon

Change and Transformation

Change has simply become the norm. Every industry, everywhere is in a constant state of adaptation. A Darwinian expectation for survival in a world saturated in ambiguity, volatility and rapid commercialisation.

We used to think it was all about technology - these days, we’ve come to recognise the intersection between digital, people and governance as a powerful place to design and deliver new and exciting value to the world, to ourselves and to each other.

Our approach to change and transformation places Design at the centre, and by bringing ‘technologies’ to digital, people, governance and delivery. We engineer change by prioritising the relationship between people and adoption as the primary metric for change that really works.

What lies beyond
Change and Transformation?

How do you look at the adaptive leadership? You start rewriting the rules as you know, how do I actually get information from other systems to make this better...

- Dr. Richard Claydon

Management and Performance

Working with teams inside a complex organisational structure or political landscape can be challenging. We’re passionate about developing leaders who see the opportunity to ‘get under’ their team and get away from command and control.

Whether it’s embracing technology through ‘data-led decisions’, leveraging innovation through ‘lean startup’ ideas or championing growth mindset through ‘deliberate development’; teams have a multitude of options when it comes to increasing their performance.

Management and Performance of teams needs to evolve for a post-pandemic, hybrid, distributed, and evolving work ecosystem. If teams are the ones that bare the fruit for an organisation, then management are the trees that nourish the fruit. We’re passionate about developing leaders who see the opportunity to ‘get under’ their team and get away from command and control. Or as we like to say,

“from pyramid to plum tree”.

What lies beyond
Management and Performance?
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