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The Future of Organisational Development: Why aren’t we embracing new ways of working?

Most of the time, I get to work with extraordinary individuals, those rare few who dare to lead and embody the work of modern leadership pioneers, like Brene Brown. However, I am still surprised by how rare this mindset is amongst our leaders, and more...

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How to be an Agile leader

The traditional business model that once created growth and stability has become a liability in the VUCA world – today's volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous business environment. Organisations are upgrading their operating system and adopting new principles of working. Yet, many organisations struggle. We have invited Pete Holliday, organisational futurist and business agility expert, to share his experience working with senior leaders. For Mr Holliday, only an agile mindset will allow leaders to continuously upgrade their capabilities. Find out why and how leaders adopt an agile mindset in order to make their organisations thrive in the VUCA world.

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Some of the worlds most effective leadership models, synthesised and applied

MetaAgility™ is designed to transcend the limitations of leadership books, theories and courses by integrating their fundamental strengths into an entirely new paradigm for leading organisations.

When Bruce Lee designed his own approach to martial arts; he transcended the limitations of contemporary fixed form martial arts. This distillation of multiples disciplines is about weaving a very careful thread that captures the positive benefit any given approach, while disregarding it limitations; arriving at something far more powerful and integrated

MetaAgility™ allows leaders to flex and flow with the needs of their organisation, project or team, while levelling up their capacity to take on adaptive and complex challenges.

How do we navigate the challenges of a new world of work?

The What’s NXT Podcast is a seasonal podcast that focuses on how we might do things differently, explore new horizons and transform our people and organisations for the better.

Each episode asks the question:
“Who is challenging our thinking and living at the edge of work? And what can we all do to embrace new ways of working?” and investigates the perspectives of global thought leaders, experts and academics on the emerging practices and challenges facing managers and leaders today.


A leadership level-up for high-potential leaders and executives looking for a breakthrough

MetaLeadership™ is a synthesis of individual, team and organisational approaches to change and transformation that allows leaders to leverage emergent complexity rather than combat or navigate it.

We’re passionate about developing leaders who can ride the wave of change and see change as an opportunity to SHIFT their team or organisation to a new space. A space that facilitates individual and career actualisation. Or as we like to say,

“from pyramid to plum tree”.

Take your development to the edge and beyond.

MetaEdge™ is our unique take on developmental coaching - fusing the forefront of adult development theory with real world application through of agile ways of working.

Be it Exective, Team or Individual our integrated approach focsues on preparing leaders for the new world of work.

Focused on develpeing greater levels of Emapthy, Awareness and Cursiosity, our coaching makes leaders VUCA ready while helping develop skills that leaders need to close the Complexity Gap