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We work at the intersection of Value Creation, Personal and Professional Development.
Working with strategy, leadership and organisational initiatives (or PMO), helping executives and leaders get the most out of their teams; all while making ‘work’ a far more human experience of self-discovery and career and self-actualisation.

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Leadership Development

We look for (and find) the leader inside of everybody. Whether you’re looking to level up your team, accelerate your high-performers and upgrade your executives with some additional curiosity, empathy or awareness. Our programs are designed to bring MetaAgility to life in your leaders.

Leadership Programs + Vertical Development

Our MetaAgility™ framework can be used as a universal set of core principles to inform or dovetail with your leadership programme, or you can take advantage of MetaLeadership™ our own leadership program that applies 15 concepts across 5 areas of leadership, combined with Vertical Development to ensure accelerated stage-shifts along with tangible improvements in workplace engagement.

Individual & Team Assessments

We provide MetaAgility™ assessments of individuals via a written assessment and 1-on-1 interviews. Our team, department and org assessments involved structured interviews with management and leadership as well and audits of team meetings and performance.

MetaEdge™ Coaching

Our MetaEdge™ proprietary coaching framework is drawn from a synthesis of some of the most coherent and powerful coaching models. Over our career as coaches in multiple industries we have learnt that no one approach is perfect for all contexts.

Through this experience and hours of trial and error we have identified several core components that facilitate shifts in human capacity and performance.


Usually at the executive or high-potential leader level, our individual coaching maps to our MetaAgility™ assessments and works to broaden the capacity and perspective of any leader in an effort to improve their leadership performance and long-term sustainability as a leader.

We work with teams to explore new ways of organising, working and becoming more effective both as a team, and a part of a complex organisation. Our coaching introduces teams to ‘above and below the line’ conversations and walks them through complex planning and stakeholder engagement to drive better overall performance out of the entire team.


Executive Support

We operate as advisors, coaches and consultants to provide senior executive teams with exposure to thought leadership or immersion into new ways of working. Whether that’s a peer review, a corporate or digital strategy or an organisational architecture, we help executives lead, and leaders execute.

How can you possibly do strategic workforce planning or a learning and development programme without knowing the impact of AI on the current job and or the future job?

- Greg Miller

Strategy and Advisory

For business leaders and executives, we’re fundamentally the future of work. And that means our greatest passion is to help organisations (and their leaders) discover their future of work. What it means to them, what it’s going to take, and how they believe they can best get there. For us - this is what gets us out of bed in the morning.


Assessments and Risk Analysis

For executives, we’re at our best when we can dip into our toolkit of thought leadership and enterprise experience and find perspectives, experiences, case studies and ways forward that are not just useful, but bespoke and specific to the needs of the organisation and the season it finds itself in.


Org Design and Operating Models

No good transformation is complete without the necessary models and designs to enable humans within the transformation to do their best work. Whether we’re talking about a digital transformation, a dev-ops team or an executive committee, our experience gives us a unique, post-pandemic perspective on the most appropriate org designs and operating models for a broad range of businesses, organisations and departments.


Temperal Work Horizons

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Board Facilitation and Offsites

For boards, we have both a unique perspective on the future, and a way of navigating and planning amidst uncertainty. A healthy tension between governance, people and digital has a way of enhancing objectives, improving discussions and stretching strategy in ways that boards are typically not exposed to.


Events and Conferences

While the pandemic may have disrupted the look and feel of our day-to-day lives, nothing has become more meaningful than an opportunity to be together. Whether that’s a 5-person offsite or a 5,000 person conference - the opportunity to network, connect, collaborate and be inspired is profound and worth doing well.

There’s never been a greater opportunity that at least in my lifetime, to consciously create an experience at work that serves the full spectrum of our humanity.

- Mykel Dixon


Whether it’s the future of work, jobs, leadership or technology, we love any chance to get up and engage with an audience. We offer a range of standard keynote presentations for your events, with the added capacity to customise the presentation to suit the need of your organisation or event.



Taking some time out from the daily grind is a highly leveraged opportunity to shift team perspective and learn something new. We capitalise on this interruption by providing single-day and multi-day masterclass events that not only seek to impart knowledge, but also seek to bring teams together.


There’s nothing quite like the thrill of an agenda-less conference. But before you dismiss the idea entirely, think about it this way instead. A conference that gives the content to the people and allows participants and leaders in a to offer their wisdom based on a structure democratic process that puts the power into the hands of the participants.

Hybrid Events

If we learned anything from COVID-19 it was how to run a better Zoom meeting. So whether it’s online events, major stakeholder engagement or a simple team check-in, our suite of tools and innovative ways or working allows for hybrid events to come to life in front of every user.

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